Puck and his friends live in an uninhibited world, peacefully rebelling against the system, until the ominous arrival of Johnny Black. Armed with "The Anarchist Cookbook" Johnny Black conjures up recipes for madness and chaos, manipulating the groups' non-violent protests and ideologies to escalate to destructive and dangerous acts.A film fusing sex, coming of age, action and comedy, the edgy "Anarchist Cookbook" enters a realm without rules or limits.


The Anarchist Cookbook Movie

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“One of the best independent features ever shot.
A don’t miss flick.”

- Jane Sumner, Dallas Morning News


“Dangerously close to Animal House”
- Hollywood Reporter


Winner: Best Feature, Deep Ellum (Texas) Film Festival


Devon Gumersall (Puck): “Felicity” “Independence Day” “My So Called Life”

Dylan Bruno (Johnny Black): “Grand Theft Parsons” “The One” “Saving Private Ryan”

Gina Philips (Karla): “Boston Public” “Jeepers Creepers” “Ally McBeal”

Katharine Towne (Jody): “Mulholland Drive” “Town & Country” “What Lies Beneath” “Evolution”

Steve Van Wormer (Double D) : “Timecop 2” “Bubble Boy” “Idle Hands”

Johnny Whitworth (Sweeney): “Kiss the Bride” “The Rainmaker” “Empire Records”

John Savage (Johnny Red): “Thin Red Line” “Deerhunter” “Do the Right Thing” “The Godfather Pt III”

Writer & Director: Jordan Susman

DVD Bonus Features

  • Director’s Commentary
  • Filmography


“What I can assure you is that whatever your politics, you'll find the film funny. And, given how hot the Young Republican girls in it appear and act, the movie could serve as a Republican recruitment film for college men.”


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"The Anarchist Cookbook" bristles with wit and ideas, and it's possible that Susman could develop into a filmmaker as satisfying as he is provocative.”

- Kevin Thomas -

“Stylistically inventive and really well acted — Gummersall and Katharine Towne, who plays a sexy Young Republican with a taste for S&M, are particularly good — the film starts out much like an '80s-era coming-of-age comedy, but soon takes a surprisingly dark turn into FIGHT CLUB territory…"

-Ken Fox -

"Gummersall’s Puck is particularly believable as a young man forced to confront the consequences of pushing the boundaries of acceptable protest and, in the end, choosing the path that’s best for him. And when you get down to it, that’s really what “The Anarchist Cookbook” is all about."

-Pete Vonder Haar -

“Think of it as Fight Club Lite; the film may not fully explain Generation-Next ennui but it does have is a winning immediacy and agreeableness -- and Gummersall, who... delivers a crisp performance."

- Brent Simon -